16 Best Pinterest Board Ideas for Your Merch Brand in 2022

16 Best Pinterest Board Ideas for Your Merch Brand in 2022 1

There’s no denying that Pinterest is a powerful tool for eCommerce. A quick search online will reveal that there are countless branding, brand board, and branding design inspirations on Pinterest.

But, to save you the trouble of sifting through dozens of articles to find what you need, this article outlines how eCommerce brands (particularly those specializing in merchandise with unique and artistic graphic elements) can use Pinterest successfully to increase revenue, website traffic, brand reputation, and social following.

So read on to discover 14 of the best Pinterest board ideas for your merch brand in 2022.

1. Create a General Merchandise Board

Pinterest is one of the leading social networks with regard to retail conversions and as an eCommerce store owner, this is something you can use to your advantage by developing an effective pin marketing strategy for your brand.

There are tons of different types of Pinterest boards you can have, but you can build your brand one board at a time starting with one that focuses on general merchandise with product descriptions.

Keep in mind that the number of boards you create will depend on the size of your store, but you should always start with presenting your merchandise first.

Make sure to enable Rich Pins on your site and use detailed and compelling descriptions. When sharing pins from your site, the content will be auto-populated for you. However, if sharing other content, then you must ensure that you add a relevant description to lead users back to your site.

Consider the categories you want to promote and then expand from there. And remember, Pinterest functions in keywords, which means you need to consider how users are searching for your content and add the keywords in your board descriptions and titles.

To further optimize your content, you can also use hashtags to make it easier for your ideal customers to find you on Pinterest search.

2. Create a Board for Specific Types of Merch

Another way to save time and be more effective with your Pinterest marketing effort is to create boards focusing on specific types of merch, such as jackets, hoodies, T-shirts, etc.

Many users find boards from the platform’s search feature so make sure they can easily find the specific types of products you offer in your eCommerce store.

16 Best Pinterest Board Ideas for Your Merch Brand in 2022 3

3. Create a Board Highlighting Graphic Design-Based Collections

Creating boards that highlight specific graphic design-based collections will help you target your ideal customers.

It will make it easier for you to send people to your store that are ready to become customers leading to a significant boost in your traffic, conversions, and sales.

4. Create a Board for Your Brand’s Designers and Artists

You can also create a board highlighting the work of your artists or the designers who create your brand graphics.

This is a great way to expand your audience and get your products in front of brand-new audiences while exposing your own audience to your artists’ other works.

5. Create a Board with User Generated Content

You already know that visual content is crucial in eCommerce websites, particularly when it comes to product images and videos.

But did you know that user-generated content (UGC) is a powerful tool that can empower eCommerce websites in a fundamentally new way?

This type of content can help you create a sense of authenticity and you can use it to make your merch brand more credible. This will allow you to build trust and nurture stronger relationships with your customers.

To begin using UGC in your marketing, encourage customers to create and share testimonial videos or content with their favorite looks.

16 Best Pinterest Board Ideas for Your Merch Brand in 2022 5


You can also search other social media platforms for customers or bloggers that share pictures with your products and use these images or videos as part of your future marketing campaigns on Pinterest.

Pro Tip: When choosing images to use as part of your campaigns, make sure you choose ones with great graphics quality. Ultimately, the quality of your images will be the biggest driver of fans and followers to your website and online store.

The ideal Pinterest picture size is one with a 2:3 aspect ratio or 600 pixels wide by 900 pixels high, or better yet, 1000 by 1500 pixels for retina-display resolution.

“Besides image quality, brand consistency is really important when it comes to brand recognition,” Saskia Ketz, founder of branding platform Mojomox says. “Adjusting colors, making sure the fonts match up and using images photographed in a brand-specific photo style—these three basics help people recognize your brand in an instant when scrolling through their Pinterest feed.”

Make sure all your chosen images are close up and bright. Your product should be highlighted or prominently placed in the picture. The more eye-catching you can make your graphics on Pinterest, the more quickly users will react and pin your posts.

6. Create a Product-in-Stock Board

This type of board works very well if your store has a small number of products. You can divide them into different categories, such as:

  • Brand
  • Color
  • Style
  • Price (luxury/cheap)
  • Product Category
  • Season, etc.

The trick here is to be extremely organized – after all, this is Pinterest.

You must break up your content and make it easy for users to find what they need by category. For example, instead of having one board titled “Our Style”, why not create multiple distinct boards for the different seasons?

If any of your products fall into more than one category, you can add them to the most relevant category first and then a few days later add them to the secondary one.

This will help keep your content fresh and relevant while allowing you to get as many eyeballs as possible to your products.

7. Create a New Arrivals Board

Another great idea is to create a new arrivals board for your merch brand and every time new items arrive, simply clean the board up and add the new products.

This way, your audience will have an easy way of keeping up with all the exciting new items that you receive in your eCommerce shop.

8. Create a Pre-Order Board

If your store allows pre-orders, you can create a special board for those items. A preorder strategy allows customers to place orders for items that are not yet released and can be a great way for you to generate interest in your upcoming releases.

For eCommerce preorders, you can either charge the customer when the order is placed or once the item is shipped. Either way, this board will make it easier for you to stay organized with this marketing tactic.

9. Create a Special Offers/Items on Sale Board

You can also have a board for all your special offers or product sales. If you have different types of sales, such as regular discounts, occasional discounts, seasonal discounts, etc., you can create a board for each one.

10. Create a Best-Sellers Board

Your bestsellers board should contain all your most popular items. Just make sure that everything you include here is relevant to make your bestsellers board as effective as possible.

If you have your own recommendations or want to share your insights with your audience, discuss brands or talk about specific products, this is the perfect place to do it.

11. Highest Rated Products

Another type of Pinterest board you can create is one for products with either the best ratings or the most reviews (or both).

Anytime one of your products gains attention, share pins of the items that got the most ratings, reviews, comments, likes, or repentance from your readers. Be sure to update your board regularly.

12. Create a Board for Your Blog Posts

Content plays a major role in eCommerce sites, and if you run a blog or news category, you might also consider creating a board for your latest news and blog posts as a way to drive more targeted traffic to your site.

In addition to pinning your blog posts in this category, you can also pin other relevant resources that are helpful to your followers.

13. Gifts for Others

Create a board with all your products that are perfect for gifts. Include information to help your customers with ideas for which products are great for specific occasions.

This is a particularly effective strategy because a lot of users create gift wish lists on Pinterest, which means they’ll likely repin your items to their own boards.

And, if you enabled Rich Pins, your gift-related items might appear in search results.

14. Offer Free Stuff on Pinterest to Get Email Lists Subscribers

People love free stuff, and if you can give away something that your audience wants on your Pinterest account, you’ll drive tons of traffic to your site.

For merch brands, this can be anything simple and digital, such as printable graphics, T-shirt designs and templates, quotes, jokes, etc.

You can also offer users free stuff in exchange for something that benefits your business.

For example, you can create a product giveaway and ask people to signup to your email list to be entered into it using a variety of email marketing tools.

This is often an effective marketing tactic because it’s simple and makes the giveaway process seem much more organic. If you make it clear you need to send an email to inform them of how to receive their free items, it will seem like a natural thing to do.

Additionally, when Pinterest users sign up for an email list and respond to the next steps given in the first email, you receive the benefit of knowing the email has been received.

In this way, merch brands use Pinterest boards to not only build their following on Pinterest but also expand their reach on other channels.

15. Create a Board to Show Behind the Scenes

One of the better pieces of advice I got when I started my own business was to build in public. This means that while building your business, you talk about the process of building your business. While this may not be popular with all of your customers, there will be a segment of them that absolutely love this content and root for you to the point that they become brand advocates.

This concept has worked time and again for many brands including Superhuman and Fast, to name a few. While this can be helpful to boost the perception and sentiment of your business, it can also be quite lucrative if you decide to throw education into your businesses revenue mix.

For instance, you could use online course software to build out a course explaining how to build an ecommerce brand and use various marketing tactics to drive people to sign-up.

16. Promote Diverse Content

In addition to embedding links to email sign up lists, you can embed links to other content such as videos on YouTube, blog articles on your site, podcasts, or even online courses. In fact you can even create Pinterest boards that focus on diverse off-platform content.

While this is a great way to promote content, you can also use Pinterest strategically to promote all sorts of content right on the social media platform.

For example, while you could link to videos posted elsewhere, you can also upload videos directly onto Pinterest boards.

In fact, you can use high-quality video editing software to create a series of short product videos or other engaging video content. (Personally, I love using Movavi to edit my videos before sharing them on Pinterest or YouTube).

Some Pinterest boards may contain only video content while others might contain only static images. Similarly, you can include both together to make your Pinterest boards incredibly dynamic and versatile.

In addition to videos and basic images, you can also experiment with memes, infographics, and much more.

Bottom Line – The ideas for merch brand Pinterest boards are endless.

This article is by no way a comprehensive list of eCommerce board ideas for Pinterest, but these five ideas should be enough to help you brainstorm a lot more awesome design concepts for your merch brand.


Pinterest has an impressive number of daily active users and total annual traffic. Millions of pins are added to the platform every day and with the right Pinterest marketing strategy, you’ll be able to leverage this powerful platform to increase your revenue and sales.

Which of these Pinterest boards will you create for your merch brand?