A List of Ebooks to Help You Launch A Successful T-shirt Business 

A List of Ebooks to Help You Launch A Successful T-shirt Business  1

To launch a successful business you need to learn a lot and the t-shirt business is no different. You need to make research, gather information, create a following and much more. The ebooks bellow will help you get as much info to make a success out of your business. Learn from people with experience in the business that made a lot of mistakes and learned from them so you don’t have to.

1. How to Design and Sell T-shirts: Making Money with Design Your Own T-shirts

“This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to set up your T-shirt selling business. You can put your creativity to a more use – one that can give you good profits. With this book, learn all about how you can turn this hobby and passion into a money making venture.Designing your t-shirt projects are on a new level these days.”

2. How To Start Your T-Shirt Selling Business: Sell Your Unique T-Shirts Online Without Building An Online Store

“Wouldn’t it be fun to create your own custom designed t-shirts and make money selling them?

It would, right, but what about the manufacturing, printing, shipping, etc.

What if i told you it’s all taken care off, all that’s left for you is to create your own custom design t-shirts and sell them.

Sounds almost too good to be true, but it is possible and I cover it all in this book. “

3. How To Sell More Shirts! Strategies, Tips And Tricks To Help You Sell T-Shirts Online With Merch By Amazon And More

“This book is for anyone who wants to increase their online T-Shirt sales…

…but this is not a beginner’s guide!

If you want an introduction to selling Shirts online, or to platforms like Merch By Amazon – I recommend you look elsewhere. I do not explain the basics of how these sites work, walk you through the process of setting up accounts, or tell you how to use Photoshop.

This book is really for those who have already started selling Shirts online – who know and understand the basics – but want to take their sales and earnings to the next level.”

4. How to launch your online t‑shirt store  – FREE

“This ebook will help you take your dream of launching an online t-shirt store into a reality. From finding the idea for your design, turning it into a usable print file, to marketing your store and keeping the momentum going.”

5. T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity – FREE

“The book and e-Book is designed for creative entrepreneurs and people managing creative businesses and cultural organisations. This free business eBook is one of the few publications written especially for people in the creative industries and cultural industries. It offers business ideas on marketing, intellectual property, leadership, organisational structures, business strategy, and more – written especially for creative entrepreneurs and creative enterprises.”


“Ted Stahl is the Executive Chairman of the Board of GroupeSTAHL, a family-owned, international group of companies dedicated to providing a wide range of alternatives in garment decoration, specializing in heat printing methods. We’ve collected Ted’s best marketing tips for the small business owner looking to sell more custom apparel and promotional items with their heat press. “

7. Starting A Custom T Shirt Business – FREE

“Download the What You Need to Know: Starting a Custom T Shirt Business ebook today! Start learning what you need to know to plan and succeed in your custom apparel business.”

I hope you will enjoy these ebooks and they will help you grow your business. If you have other ebooks you want to see in the list please comment bellow.