7 Best Etsy Apps To Help You Sell More Products in 2022

7 Best Etsy Apps To Help You Sell More Products in 2022 1

Building a successful business is challenging and as an Etsy seller you need all the help to make it successful. Sales are the engine of every business and it’s the biggest issue sellers on Etsy face. Creating and designing a good product is just one part of the job, the other part is to show the product to as many people as possible so they can buy it.

Every Etsy seller app listed below helps you to improve your store and optimize your processes for marketing, sales, and imagery.



The Erank app will help you optimize your every listing, you can find new keywords, tags, and much more. It will also help you with products seasonally, what’s in trend now, and keep an eye on the competition. We highly recommend this app to discover what you can improve on your store as it is easy to use.

Price – from $5.99 – a free plan is available.


Image Background Remover

With DropSpace.co you remove the background from your photos and create focus on your products with a white background. Sellers use it also to auto enhance the product images when the images are not so great and create marketing materials with the Photo Editor.

This is a versatile app that will help you present your products in the best way.

Price: from $7/month with unlimited usage – free plan available.



The Outfy app connects to your store and helps you automate your social media marketing. It helps automatically schedule new posts, new products listed from your store, or promotions. It can be as easy as turn it on and let it do its thing but I suggest you do the work as well.

Spending a little time to create posts yourself and imagery for your social media posts will take your store image to the next level.

Price: from $15/month – a free plan is available.



With RefferalCandy you are using your current customers to help spread the word about your products and store. Turn them into ambassadors of your brand by incentivizing them to earn with you every time they make a sale. This app is great if you already have a large number of clients that can spread the word out.

Price: from $49/month + commission. No free plan is available.

Etsy on Sale


Price: from $10 – no free plan available.



Email marketing is one of the best ways to reconnect with your customers and Aweber will help you do that. Getting new customers is hard, but selling again to a customer is easy, that’s why email marketing is so powerful. Promote the subscribe link of your newsletter to all your Etsy customers, social media, or website.

Price: from $20 – free plan available.

Final words

Opening an Etsy shop is a great way for creators and crafters to earn money and with a little help and hard work it can be a success.