Key Benefits of Enhanced License at Designious

vector art merch and commercial license

For today, we decided to clarify the license terms from Designious, because we know it can be a tricky subject for when you decide to buy a subscription. Whether you’re into print-on-demand images or work exclusively digital as a freelancer, the incorrect choice of image licenses can do some serious damage to your business, if handled improperly.

There are only two restrictions for this subscription. The license for the products downloaded can be used only by you, the buyer. You cannot transfer the license or the files to someone else, but you can transfer the content created with the products (only for your personal use).

Secondly, you cannot resell or redistribute the elements of the vector content you bought regardless of the format (e.g. EPS, AI, Flash, SVG or similar). 

The MAIN benefit of this subscription – you can use the vectors on over 135 products and on print-on-demand online shops like Zazzle, Amazon, CafePress, Printify, or any other website you like. The condition is to reproduce it in a non-vector format – JPG, GIF, BMP.  

There a lot of options for where you can use the files –

  • marketing  (design, advertising, promotional graphics, TV broadcast, commercials, newsletters, posters, billboards, flyers, brochures, and catalogues – both digital and hard-copy)
  • website design
  • books (covers, also)
  • logo, postcards, calendars
  • product packaging
  • eBooks, greeting cards
  • software (games), GUI design (iOS/Android apps), screensavers
  • magazines editorials, online digital publications.

There are several alternatives for reproducing the files, apart from the digital reproduction in JPG, GIF, and BMP:

  • Printed format;
  • Part of a software;
  • Video;
  • Electronic documents (PowerPoint presentations, eBook);
  • T-shirts, flags, stickers, posters, coffee mugs, calendars, fabric prints (no limitations regarding the number of copies).
  • Commercial software applications or GUI design;
  • Website templates, wallpapers, screensavers, document templates.

Are there any limitations? NO, everything is unlimited and it is also included in the price.

Become our subscriber and you are legally protected from any copyright claims over anything you download, even after 20 years of activity. You guarantee your business a safe and legal environment, away from the copyright trolls.