Learn How To Promote Your T-shirts Business On Instagram

Learn How To Promote Your T-shirts Business On Instagram 1

Instagram a Channel For Business.

We all know that Instagram is one of the trending social channels, nowadays. With over 800 Million Monthly Active Users (MAU) it has grown beautifully and this platform is not stopping here.

Recently, they focused their attention on business, having in mind the owner’s needs and perspectives. They launched business features that can help you make an impact on Instagram with your shop and make money:

1.IGTV for Long-Form Video Content 

This is a video platform available as a standalone app and on the Instagram app. The big WOW about this one is that it’s only for vertical videos. Since in the T-shirt business, visual is key, you can make behind scenes or making-of your design process, or your most wanted designs and so on. Showcase your products effortless without any fancy cameras, and make your brand reach success.


2. Answer People’s Questions in Instagram Stories with the New Question Sticker

Stories are all about engagement. This particular sticker is an awesome feature because you can get instant feedback from the ones that are viewing your products online. It’s practically like a Q&A session. Not only that you can post a question for them but your followers can also submit questions. Now isn’t that a right on point insight?!

3. Link your shop to each post with the new shopping feature

So, want to make a living from selling your creative stuff? This feature is a must! Because Instagram is all about great pictures, now you can add price tags and description for your products, details that are crucial for your current or future customers.  *Make sure you check their official site because this feature is not available worldwide.

4. Use Instagram carousel style posts to show off your products

 What perfect way to mix business and showcasing? To add a carousel to your post you need to do the following: tap the plus icon at the bottom of the screen to upload a photo or video, you can add multiple images tap the icon (that says “select multiple”) in the bottom right-hand corner. This is a great feature to raise interest among your followers and also to increase the engagement of your posts. It’s perfect when you are launching something new or when you want to present some top sellers and so on.

Concluding Remarks

Being a rich visually platform, Instagram can drive your business in the right direction and it’s a channel where you need to invest time and consistency, over money. This social channel is constantly evolving and it may be new in the business area, but it’s very promising.

*Make sure you know your audience very well and determine if this is the proper communication channel. Ask yourself is this channel accessible to your target? Does it fit your purpose?