The Print on Demand Business Free Starter Kit

The Print on Demand Business Free Starter Kit 1

If you are looking to start a print on demand business and money is tight we got you covered. In this article we’ve gathered a bunch of tools and resources that are free and can help you launch your business and earn your first dollar.

Starting a business is simple but it is not easy. Put together the resources, do the work and have patience, that’s a simple recipe for a successful business.

Below we have links to some great articles and resources you can use to learn and develop your business skills.

Learning & Courses

What is Print on Demand?

7+1 Free Online Courses for Beginner Entrepreneurs

Courses On How To Create T-shirt Designs

How To Start an Online T-shirt Business With Printify & Designious

How To Create An Original Apron Design With The Online Designer and

How To Create A Poster With Designious and


A list of online mockup generators

Mockups for Photoshop

WooCommerce Resources

Free Course: Build An Ecommerce Store With WordPress and WooCommerce

Free WooCommerce Themes

WooCommerce Plugins for clothing stores


Get the following resources in a single download:

50 Free T-shirt Designs Bundle

Amazing designs, ready to be added to your next collection.

Niches ideas file

Start your store with an ideal customer find a niche or combine a few that are related.

POD Companies List

Here is a list of over 40 print on demand companies and marketplaces that can help you launch over 135 products.

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The resources put together here will jumpstart your print on demand business in no time.

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