SVG Clipart Library API

Add original royalty-free clip art for commercial use into your app, site, or web2print project

With the Designious Clipart Library API you can bring a growing collection of high-quality design elements to anything you create. It can be easily integrated with any web 2 print project or online design software.

Access thousands of design elements in SVG vector format. Scalable Vector Graphics can be scaled up or down without pixelation which makes it perfect for print, and allow for easy customization of color, gradients, and size.

Use our library in:

  • visual stories
  • web2print software
  • real-time infographics
  • print on demand products
  • interactive games
  • motion graphics
  • 3-D printed products

The possibilities are endless and we can’t wait to see what you create.

We have created a WooCommerce Lumise Designer  Add-on to display how our API can be used.

Free trial available. Get an API key here.

Our API documentation is here.

Contact us for more details.