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Updates: Video Presentations for Tees, New Products and Templates Category

We’ve been really busy in the last couple of weeks and pushed to go out with some new amazing products and give you more for your dollar spent with us.

Video Presentations

Along with some new 30 t-shirt designs we have more than 100 video presentations for our t-shirts free to use on your websites or marketing materials and campaigns. These are short 10 seconds videos created by us with, which we highly recommend.



If you enjoy these and want us to create more please let us know in the comments or via support.


We have a new category where we will add more ready made templates to be used as they are, you can find more than 200 elements in there. You have travel, quality badges, drinks, coffee, new year’s, sports and more.

New Fonts

6 new fonts added that you can use and we will added more than 20 in the next month.

Customization Services

We’ve also added a small new customization service for those who don’t like to get their hands dirty, we can modify any of our designs to their liking for a small fee. Turnaround is usually 24 hours  and we can do color changes, adding/removing text, add your logo and much more.


We hope you enjoy our latest additions to our small website and hope these are useful, we will have more updates and new additions in October so stay close.  We would really like to know what you want/need that would really help you, so write us back at or in the comments bellow.

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