About Designious

Launched in 2008 as a vector art library dedicated to graphic designers Designious has evolved offering multiple products and services. From vector clip art to vector illustrations and store setup services for Print on Demand, now counting over 30.000 items and growing. 

Our design library is helping designers, freelancers, and companies around the world to create new designs or improve theirs by providing them with amazing digital assets. Creatives and creators all over the world use our design templates, bundles, PS brushes, and fonts to create digital and physical products.


Designious meaning

Definition of designious:

de-sign-i-ous – full of or having the qualities of design.


People in the print on demand industry rely on our designs to generate income through their websites but also different marketplaces. Our Online Designer App is used daily by our users to create their own designs and make a mark through design. We believe good design changes lives and we try to offer the tools to create it.

Our clients are graphic designers, print on demand enthusiasts, entrepreneurs but also advertising agencies and apparel creators and all find our products cool to use in their artwork. The products we sell here are used for the web, print, and the apparel industry.

Every month we release new design assets for t-shirts and Print on Demand. We have over 3500 t-shirt designs that can be edited but also that can be used right away in any product.

Our Zilla Bundles are an amazing resource for any graphic designer looking to add to his design toolbox a great number of easy-to-use assets, especially for print.

Our latest product is the Designious API, with it our users can integrate the library directly in their apps or software enriching them with a growing library of more than 15.000 design elements. With it, their users can create anything they want from, websites to videos and different printed products.

You can use our design assets in any designs and also on products on Zazzle, Etsy, Cafepress, Merch by Amazon, Printify, Printful, and many others. You can print them on t-shirts, mugs, pillows, shoes, hats, iPhone cases, totes, posters, and anything you can think of.

Our team is a blend of talented artists with a passion for design, marketers, and programmers that help the wheels spin and grow the library and our community. 

Hear from them every month via our blog where we release resources for entrepreneurs, print on demand, marketing, and ecommerce.

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