Q: What can I do with the products bought from Designous.com?

A: You are allowed to use our artwork in your commercial projects or designs like: t-shirt designs, websites, posters, digital art and more. You can use all our artwork for your printed products(clothing, posters…), as a part of your design.

Please read the license.

Q: How do I download the products I bought?                                         

A: You can use the download links in your confirmation email, or go to your account and click on My downloadable items. There you will find the download links for the products you bought.

Q: What are the limitations on the items downloaded from Designious.com?

 A: You ARE NOT ALLOWED sharing, reselling, repackaging or redistributing any of the artwork bought from Designious.com. (eg. a different color version of our vectors put on your website for your visitors to download is forbidden). You are simply not allowed to make available our products to a third party the original source files.

You are not allowed to use our products as they are on POD websites like Cafepress or Zazzle.

You are not allowed to use our products in scrapbooking kits as they are.


Please read the license.

Q. How do I open a vector fils in Photoshop?


A. Please have a look at this tutorial.

Q: What is a vector pack/brush pack?

A vector pack or a brush packs is a set or collection of elements and shapes that help the designer finish art work faster without loosing the quality or improve the design. Our packs are organized by categories. These are not software and you don´t need to install them, read more on our blog.

 Q: How do I buy?

A: You add to cart the products you want to buy, register with us and then we will send you to purchase via credit card.

If the order is successful you have to click on the Orders link in your account menu and then click on the order # you placed. There you will find the download links for the vectors you purchased . No shipping! Instant satisfaction!

Q: How can I pay?

A: You can pay  by credit/debit card. Our payment processor is Paymill.com. On your credit card statement you will see www.designious.com

Q: How long does it take to receive my products?

A: After the payment has been processed you can download the files from your account immediately and use them in your designs ASAP. It usually takes a few seconds to have the order approved and the files downloaded.

 Q: I deleted or lost the files I bought a while ago. Can I download them again?  

A: Sure, if you can send us the receipt you received via email when you initially bought the files.

  Q: Can I share your custom designs or packages with my friends ?

A: NO. Any third party sharing is illegal because constitutes piracy, and immoral as we spent days creating custom artwork. Sharing your vector files is equal to stealing from the artist that created that.  Please respect our work and support us by not sharing Designious.com vectors with others.

Q: What are the software requirements to use your vectors?

A: All our vectors come in zip archive that contains an .eps 8 vector file. Our vectors are compatible with PC and Mac and will open in Adobe Illustrator 8-CS5. We don’t guarantee  but the files can be opened with Adobe Flash, Adobe InDesign, Corel, 3D Studio Max, Inkscape and VectorDesigner.

Q: What are the software requirements to use your brushes?

A: To use our brushes you need minimum Adobe Photoshop CS(PC and Mac), earlier versions are not supported.

Q: What are the software requirements to use your fonts?

A: Our fonts come in TTF format and can be used only on Windows.

 Q: I like your artwork but I would need a more customized design. Do you take custom orders?

Our design team has the experience and the skills to handle any type of project. Please contact us and we’ll do our best to have another satisfied client.