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Published on: September 12, 2018

Includes our Extended License.

Barberino is one of the many fonts released by DesignTNT and it features four styles: Clean, Rough, Rough Grunge and Rough Italic. The tall proportions and the delicate serifs make the font easy to read, while the grunges and the rough edges help convey the written messages with an eye-pleasing experience.

We believe its purpose is to create exclusively titles and sub-titles. Thus, this font only contains caps and small caps, as well as special characters.

Download and give it a try.

Files: .OTF

What’s an .OTF file?
An .OTF file is one of the formats for fonts. To install this type of file into your computer, double-click it and click “Install”. It will automatically copy itself into your system files, and you can use it with any app that supports custom-made fonts.

Usually you would have to pay $30, but exclusively on InkyDeals you can now take home Barberino Font Family for only $0.99

Take a look at what you get:

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