Cardboard Textures Set 1

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Published on: April 9, 2019

What’s this?

This is a set containing 15 high resolution cardboard textures – all above 4000 x 2800 px at 240 dpi, which means you can use them in prints without losing quality. They’re also great for web backgrounds, ripped paper effects, frames and web buttons, especially for blogs.

Why do I need this set?

It’s a complete set of cardboard textures, at a high resolution, of course you need it! The free textures are a pain to work with, some of them are for non-commercial use and some premium ones are sold “by piece”, and you’ll eventually spend twice the money you wanted to in the first place. So why not get this set instead? It’s free, with the bundle!

What’s for grabs ?

  • 15 high resolution cardboard .jpg files


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