How To Create An Original Apron Design With The Online Designer and

How To Create An Original Apron Design With The Online Designer and 1

In this short video tutorial, we are creating an original apron design with the Designious Online Designer App and then we add the design to a product in Aprons are really a cool product to create, have a look on Pinterest or Etsy for ideas.

Gooten is awesome to start your print on demand business or you can use it to add new inventory to your current store. They really have an extensive product list you can personalize.

You can find more companies like it in our Print on Demand company list.

The design is pretty simple and also can be personalized with the customer name. This is really in demand with customers and increases the value of your product.

It’s really an easy process.

  1. First, we choose our design elements.
  2. We then arrange them to fit the layout we want.
  3. Add the text, resize it and we are done.
  4. We upload the design in the Gooten library and on the product itself.
  5. We publish the product in our store and we are ready to receive orders from our customers.

The design is reusable and you can add different variations to it like changing the beard with a mustache, the text itself, or anything you can think of.

Hopefully, this is inspiring and it gives you an idea of how easy is to use the Online Designer App. What do you think of this idea?