7 Must-Have Plugins for Your WooCommerce Print on Demand Store

7 Must-Have Plugins for WooCommerce

Starting your print-on-demand store is a challenge and there are thousands of plugins to chose from when setting up your store. Below we have seven must-have WooCommerce plugins to help you in your journey to a successful online store.


Adding a wishlist to your store is a great way to keep your customers and also making them come back to your store. Make the wishlist button or link visible on the product page and add the page to the main menu. This will help users browse more products and adding to the wish list is a small step to make them buy from you.

Free plugin – Paid option.

Rank Math SEO

When you set up your store this should be one of the first plugins you install after WooCommerce. Setup your sitemap, titles, and SEO image setting to have your store ready for the Google search bot. The plugin gives you a ton of helpful options that will improve your search engine visibility.

Free plugin – Paid option

Relevanssi – A Better Search

The default WordPress search is not the best, especially with WooCommerce, and Relevanssi helps you a bit with that. Make sure you have good product descriptions and all the details and attributes added to your products for the search to work as well as possible. People will search a thousand ways on your website and the more info you have the better.

Free plugin – Paid option.

Hustle Popup and Optins

Triggering the right popup at the right time is an art and the Hustle plugin will help you do that. It’s easy to use and customize. Use it to offer discounts when your users decide to leave the website or use it when you want to gather their email for future promotions.

Free plugin – Paid option.


This is a really good alternative to Mailchimp and the like. It will connect with the Hustle plugin mentioned earlier and together they can create a really good marketing kit. You can send emails to subscribers, promotions, coupons, and even do cart recovery which is pretty neat.

Free plugin – Paid option.


Customers love personalized merch and you can offer them that with the Lumise plugin. This WooCommerce plugin helps you set up customizable products and add a new revenue stream to your store.

You can offer t-shirts, beanies, hoodies, caps, and other types of products that your customers and personalize with different options. The product designer is easy to use for anyone and offers plenty of options, it even connects with Printful. It comes with a few templates but you can connect more with the add-on below.

Paid plugin.

Designious Lumise Add-on

With the Designious Lumise Add-on you can add the entire clipart library we offer to this designer, over 20,000 items. With this addon, you will offer your customers an entire library they can use to create something unique.

The clipart is in SVG format. Scalable Vector Graphics can be scaled up or down without pixelation, and allow for easy customization of color, gradients, and size which is great for print. Below we have a short video on how it works.

Free plugin – Paid option.

Wrapping Up

Creating a successful store is not easy but with the right tools, it can be much easier. The plugins we mentioned here are really powerful and can help you create a better experience for your users and increase your sales with less work.