How To Create A Ceramic Mug With Designious and Printful

How To Create A Ceramic Mug With Designious and Printful 1

There are hundreds of products you can create with our design library, in this video, we show you how easy you can create a mug with a motivational message.

We will use Printful as a print-on-demand dropshipping provider and one of our ready-to-print designs. As in our t-shirt tutorial, this is a simple process as well.

  1. Search and download the design you like from our design library. Just in the t-shirt category we have over 3500 designs. Or you can create a new one with just a few clicks with our Online Designer App.
  2. Go to Printful and choose the mug you like to print on. You can choose from different types from ceramic to metal and in different colors.
  3. Unzip the archive you downloaded and upload the high-resolution PNG file into the Printful library. This file can be reused on other products like hoodies, t-shirts, or maybe posters.
  4. In the Printful design tool we arrange the image to fit the mug properly and we preview it to see how it will look on our product. We will create a pattern to fit both sides of the mug.
  5. It looks good and now we publish the product and it’s ready to be viewed in our online store and customers can purchase it.


When your product is live in Printful you can publish it to EtsyShopify, Ebay, or your own WooCommerce store. It really is that simple, and it takes just a few minutes to have a ready-to-sell product.