$1 Sale – 25848 Design Items Available

$1 Sale - 25848 Design Items Available 1

We are offering 25848 design items like svg and png elements, fonts and illustrations for just $1 each. In every category you will find gems ready to be used in your next project. We have a minimum order of $3 USD per purchase but I am sure you will find more than 3 items you wish to download.

This promo will end on the 15th of November. You get instant access to your purchase after download.

What’s in this promo:

Each item costs from $3 to $9 each so you get a pretty hefty discount, at least 33% and up.

Also, if you buy any of our items you can win one of 2 Amazon Gift cards for $50 each. All purchases starting today until our promo ends on November 15th enter the raffle.

$1 Sale - 25848 Design Items Available 3

One entry is equal to one dollar, so that’s 3 entries for the minimum purchase of $3. The more items you buy the more entries you get. Those that purchase our Pro membership will get the number of entries equal to the amount they paid.

The winners will be announced on the 17th of November, good luck to everyone.