6 Amazing Email Sequence Examples To Stun Your Audience

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Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods to date. 

However, many businesses feel that despite all their marketing efforts, customers and prospects don’t exhibit any engagement signs toward their business. There are many reasons which could be preventing the establishment of a strong customer relationship.

The good news is that there is a proven and efficient way to remedy this problem, specifically by being able to follow your audience through all the stages of the sales process.

How? Well, by using different email sequences depending on the actions of the customer or subscriber. And the best thing of all? These sequences can be fully automated so that you both save time and anticipate every consumer action.

In this blog post, you’ll find 6 simple yet effective automated email sequences that your business can implement to drive engagement and increase revenue.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in!

1. Abandoned Cart Email Sequence

Cart abandonment email sequences are ideal to salvage lost sales and revenue. This is true because they target a person that has already expressed a serious intent to buy.

These sequences usually include the abandoned product in the cart, its price, and they may even have a recommendation block suggesting similar items from your store.

6 Amazing Email Sequence Examples To Stun Your Audience 2

As you can see above, Kenneth Cole starts his sequence with an email offering 15% off when cart abandoners check out. Also, the brand leverages urgency (“check out today”) to convert those customers that are “on the fence.” This is the extra incentive that most customers need.

Now, take a look at the second email.

6 Amazing Email Sequence Examples To Stun Your Audience 4

Here, the message is even more urgent (“cart expires soon”) and the discount is bigger. This way Kenneth Cole gives potential shoppers more reasons to complete their purchase.

For effective cart abandonment sequences, use playful or catchy wording, whether in your subject lines or copy, in order to appeal to the emotional side of the customers. 

Moreover, you can create a cart abandonment email template and use it throughout your sequence to save time and have consistency. Just don’t forget to offer extra incentives, like Kenneth Cole, to convert them.

2. Welcome Sequence

A welcome email is the first point of contact with a subscriber from your brand. Therefore, it’s important to leave a good first impression, the same way you’d do in real life.

When you craft your welcome sequence, make sure you have a positive and congratulatory tone. Also, keep your voice of writing and design aligned with your brand.

It’s obvious that the moment someone subscribes to your list, they’re highly interested in your brand. You need to grab the opportunity and start building a relationship of trust by providing them value.

In these sequences, the aim is to personally introduce your new subscriber to your brand and get them to like you. Not forcibly sell something!

Finally, it’s a good idea to encourage them to take the next step in the sales process through a clear call to action or ask them to join you on social media and answer an online questionnaire.

Let’s see an example of a welcome sequence from WebStarts that illustrates the point.

6 Amazing Email Sequence Examples To Stun Your Audience 6


As you can see, the one greeting new subscribers is the CEO of the company. He aims at sustaining their deliverability rate by asking subscribers to whitelist them. In the next step, the email offers some educational content while in the end there is a subtle “push” to action.

The messaging is clear without unnecessary “noise.”

3. Lead Nurturing Email Sequence

Lead nurturing sequences can be used after a person engages with your lead generation elements, i.e. a white paper, a downloadable checklist, etc.

The first email of the sequence needs to deliver the promised item. Then the sequence can offer more educational content or introduce an offer.

6 Amazing Email Sequence Examples To Stun Your Audience 8


Sephora’s lead nurturing sequence offers a coupon code along with useful tips from professionals of the industry.

This valuable information along with the code help establish a relationship with the customers and make them loyal followers.

Pro tip: Make sure that you target your audience with frequent messages to keep your company on top of their minds, but not too often to be considered spammy.

4. Conversion Email Sequence

The aim of a conversion email sequence is to turn a subscriber into a qualified, highly-converting lead. Simply put, conversion sequences are your “big guns”.

You’ve nurtured your subscribers and made a connection with them, so it’s time to ask them to take action, namely, to purchase something.

There are various ways to achieve that, but the most effective is to ease the friction stopping a person from buying.

6 Amazing Email Sequence Examples To Stun Your Audience 10


In this example, IPSY highlights the value the customer gets by purchasing their first glam bag, with a strong emphasis on the benefits.

The email copy is transparent and on point. The visuals are simple and effective without distracting the reader from their end goal. Finally, the CTA is excellent since the customer feels the rewards of this first purchase.

Note here that the language you use should vary depending on the action you’re expecting from your subscribers, e.g. sign up for a subscription or take part in another activity beneficial for your company.

5. Engagement Email Sequence

As you can guess, engagement sequences aim to get people to engage with the email instead of ignoring it. Their content mostly depends on the desired goal.

6 Amazing Email Sequence Examples To Stun Your Audience 12

There are a few key points to notice based on PopInABox’s example sequence.

First of all, it has a striking subject line that intrigues the reader to open the email, while at the same time adds urgency in the mix. So, right off the bat, it leverages FOMO to ensure that it will be opened.

Important note: The addition of emojis in the subject line makes the email stand out in the inbox, thus minimizing the chance of being ignored.

The email follows the inverted pyramid model with a short copy and clear CTA, and the reader is properly urged to act.

If this email is part of an email autoresponder series, it’s essential to have something in your automation tool in order to recognize if the reader acts on the offer. This will prevent annoyance and potential unsubscribing on the reader’s part.

6. Webinar email sequence

Like a conversion email sequence, a webinar email sequence aims to encourage subscriber action. In our case here, that action is attendance to an online webinar.

6 Amazing Email Sequence Examples To Stun Your Audience 14


In the above example, Fluent informs subscribers about the nature of the event as well as the benefits of attending. 

They encourage subscribers to sign up and get involved in a live Q&A featuring industry experts from known companies.

The sequence can include reminders as the event approaches to ensure substantial attendance.

If someone who’s registered doesn’t show up eventually, there will be a trigger-based email following providing people with the recording of the webinar.

Final thoughts

Creating engaging email sequences is easier than you’d probably expect. All thanks to the modern and robust email marketing platforms that offer easy-to-use automation features.

So what are you waiting for? Get inspired by the above examples and start creating your own email sequences to boost customer engagement, improve conversions, and skyrocket your business growth.