Apps and Software That Can Make Your Life Easier

Apps and Software That Can Make Your Life Easier apps sofrware mac

I am not really a fan of doing repetitive work and I ALWAYS try to do the task at hand as fast and as easy as I can. With time and with the help of technology I have developed habits that serve me well. I am not a productivity freak and I do take my time when necessary but some things can be done faster, the software bellow saves me probably days in a year.

I use two laptops, a HP with Windows 10 and a Macbook Pro, my phone is an iPhone 8 10.  I mostly work in Chrome Firefox, so I don’t have any other special software installed on them.

LastPass –  Password Manager

At some point I had developed my own password system, based on the  website I visited I’ve created an algorithm composed of the first 2 letters of the website some numbers and symbols. I no longer have to do that, I only have to remember the master password and that’s it.

Clipboard Manager

Doing my day to day tasks there is always text or images I have to paste multiple times, with a clipboard manager I don’t have to copy the text again, I only search with a combination of keys what I need.

Windows – Ditto – free

Mac OS – AlfredApp – paid (bought this one when got the Mac, has other features as well)

iOS – Paste2 – free – (it has an MacOS app also, I might buy it, they sync together)

Notes app

I take a lot of notes about a lot of things, write down ideas or tasks, 90% of things go here.

Evernote – free & paid versions – syncs with both laptops and iPhone.

iOS apps

Scanbot for iPhone – free – really handy when I need to send documents fast, upload them on dropbox and they sync everywhere.

Dropbox – paid – sync documents, images and text.

Google Calendar – view meetings, to-do’s and other plans I make thoughout the week.

I use a lot more apps and software but these are just those that I really use the most often.


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