Simple Rules for Writing Better Product Descriptions

Simple Rules for Writing Better Product Descriptions 1

Owning an online store requires you to find ways to make your products look as appealing as possible. It doesn’t matter if you are selling products on eBay, creating a Merch by Amazon account or starting a store on Shopify, this rule applies to any platform. The more you invest in creating the packaging and the descriptions of your products, the easier it will be to achieve your sales goals. Describing a new product to a customer can be challenging though, especially if you want to make it appear as interesting as possible.

Writing product descriptions that will convince your potential customers to make a purchase is a process that demands some knowledge. That being said, it is tricky but not impossible. In order to help you achieve that, here are some simple rules to follow so you can write better descriptions for your products.

Try to answer any product-related questions

When learning how to write a product description you need to stop thinking like the creator and start thinking like a customer. What would someone that sees your product for the first time like to know? Depending on the properties of your product, its ingredients and the claims you are making, you need to be able to answer certain questions.

Simple Rules for Writing Better Product Descriptions 3


For example, when it comes to skincare products, your customers might be wondering whether certain products are eye-safe. When it comes to clothing items, they might be wondering about the best way to wash them. These are all simple things you might be able to answer through your product description. It is a good idea to also include certain directions the customers might need to follow so you can avoid confusion.

Not only is this going to save time for those interested in your products, but it will also make your company look more professional. This process will also help you think about the needs of your customers and their expectations in regards to your products. This way, the next product you create will be even close to your target audience’s needs.

Use SEO to your advantage

Search Engine Optimization tactics can really help your product descriptions perform better. You should keep in mind that your product descriptions might be good for your target audience but you lack the right means of approaching them. So, before you decide to completely change the content of your descriptions, try using SEO to your advantage.

If you are not experienced with SEO, the best way to make sure that you incorporate it into your descriptions is through keywords and phrases. These can easily be generated through tools such as the Keyword Tool and Google AdWords in order to make sure that you enhance your descriptions the right way.

Make sure to include important product details

Apart from the ingredients your product has, there are also a few other things you need to include in your product descriptions in order to make them more detailed. Information you should probably include are the following:

  • The size or quantity of the product
  • The dimensions of the packaging and the product itself
  • The expiration date and shelf life
  • The active ingredients
  • The country of origin

These are all important aspects of selling a product and can help make it appear more trustworthy and appealing. Therefore, you should once again think like your customers and take their needs into consideration.

Prioritizing what your customers need is going to help you understand how to shape your descriptions in a way that will make them desirable. The more details you include during the product description writing process, the more legitimate your product will appear. This way it will be easier for a customer to trust you and decide to make a purchase.

Make use of sensory words

If you have ever paid close attention to the product descriptions for certain food-related items, you might have come to see that their creators use certain words to make them more appealing. The purpose of sensory words is to help the potential customer imagine certain properties of the product and help them make a purchase.

Simple Rules for Writing Better Product Descriptions 5

This does not have to be limited to food products but can be applied to nearly anything. Using words such as “sweet” to describe a perfume or “smooth” and “soft” to describe a body wash can help make them more appealing. It is all about incorporating a sensory element to help the customer imagine using your product.

Target your ideal customer

Knowing exactly who you are trying to target with the production and release of a product will help you make your product descriptions a lot more specific. Trying to target a large group of people will help you address no one in particular and this can cause your descriptions to be too generic.

The best thing you can do in order to improve your descriptions is to decide on your target audience based on their age, location and other factors you consider important. From there, you can go ahead and customize the information you include so that these people will find your products more interesting and useful.

Always proofread and edit your written content

Proofreading and editing the written content you put in your product descriptions should be a priority for every product you launch. Leaving editing and spelling mistakes in your product descriptions will make your company look less professional. The more noticeable the mistakes are in your product descriptions the less likely it is for your customers to put their trust in your business.

This mistake might seem simple but correcting it might help your products and company appear more trustworthy. In order to fix it, you can use tools such as Hemmingway Editor and Grammarly in order to correct your grammar and spelling mistakes.

Make customer reviews and testimonials easily available

If there is one thing that will make your product descriptions all the more believable and trustworthy is customer reviews. When a new customer visits your website for the first time, they will want to make sure that your company is reliable. This is usually done so by going through the product reviews under the product you sell.

The way to approach this in order to strengthen the legitimacy of your product descriptions is to have a comment/review section underneath each product. Make sure that only people who have purchased your products are able to leave comments and reviews so they can be trusted. This way, your potential customers will be able to find an answer to additional questions they might have easily.

The more loved a product is on your website, the easier it will be for them to decide to purchase it. In addition, you should remember to also include negative reviews so that your company looks even more trustworthy. No one will easily trust a company if everything posted about them online is strictly positive as this positivity will seem artificial.

Achieving your sales goals easily

The descriptions you create for your products can help provide your customers with important information about them. The more detailed and transparent you are, the easier it will be for them to make a purchase. Therefore, make sure that you answer any potential questions a customer might have so you make the product more appealing.

Which of these rules do you believe will work best for your online store?