T-shirt Design Trends For The Fall of 2018

We’re close to nine months into 2018, and thanks to the weather changes, the t-shirts will probably be dropped in favor of sweatshirts and hoodies. With that said, I want to take you to a journey into the near future.

Here’s what I’ve noticed so far.

1. Layers on layers

This type of design allow you to create bold contrasts between artwork and color, without cluttering too many colors together. You’d be surprised what you can achieve with only two colors using this technique. It’s fast, easy to apply and easy to customize.

2. Fun & witty messages

This trend has the potential to convey the wearer’s personality in a fun and charming way. From making fun of one’s irks, quote a famous person, or add a twist to a famous quote, are bound to turn around some heads.

3. Astro & cosmic themes

The astronaut is now prevalent on many of the print-on-demand websites, and many of the garments are already on sale. Now it’s the time to dip in on this trend and add with your own designs; unless you already are. In that case, kudos to you for being vigilant.

4. Big animal heads

Everyone, in their heart and mind, identifies with an animal. They do not share this information, unless it’s in a quiz. Now that I’ve mentioned it, you’re thinking what YOUR spirit animal is, aren’t you?

Hold that thought, because it is one of the reasons you must add it to your shop. Lions in particular are really popular now.

5. Fun with typography

This is by far the best way to convey messages in a delightful and easy to grasp way. It is the reason it has lasted for so long, and it is harder to achieve, thanks to the high skill floor regarding fonts. I say it in a positive light because good designs are hard to create, and thus the competition is scarce.

6. Hand-drawn text & illustration

Just like typography, the hand-drawn style is a bit hard to achieve, but it is way easier than typography. With simple linework, a dash of color and the right message, it is a beauty to behold. Follow the latest hashtags or follow the viral news to find inspiration.

7. Skulls & bones

Skulls and bones, as well as sugar skulls, have never run out of style. Be it with color, texture, materials, some extra feats to reference a popular character, skull designs have been around since forever. And they’re bound to stick around for much longer.

8. Mild insults

Widely regarded as taboo in the past, nowadays you can print most cuss words in a big font. The time of free speech has never been so fruitful as it is today, and it’s time you dip in it, if you aren’t.
Just don’t go into slurs, obviously. That’s bad.

9. Geeky & nerdy

Thanks to Marvel, DC and the new Star Wars, comic book heroes and geek culture are now the hype. Many of hero the names and logos so prevalent today we’re completely unknown to the general public. Of course, you shouldn’t use branded materials without proper licensing, but there is nothing from stopping you to generate your own geeky content.

10. Vintage & Retro

When in doubt, always stick to vintage and retro designs. These two have stuck around for such a long time, and they will continue to do so. Both come with a sense of heritage and a childhood nostalgia that lines up perfectly with the current generation.

Those born in the 80’s are now in their thirties, and it’s the sweet spot between fully grown up and their inner child. Tap into this trend now, because everyone else will.

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