Welcome 2020 with These Trending T-Shirt Designs

Welcome 2020 with These Trending T-Shirt Designs 1

Time sure flies! Can you believe the Y2K was 20 years ago? Let that sink in… Now, you’d better look into the future and be ready to welcome the new decade with these trending t-shirt ideas.

Of course, everything is easier said than done and you’re wondering “Well, it sounds great, but I’m not a designer, how do I design my own t-shirt?” In fact, it’s surprisingly easy to do it online and get the best t-shirt designs.

These designs will sell better if you use a mockup to show the product in a real-life environment. Tools like Placeit can help you use and display your best creations.

Make a Statement

Feminists, freedom-fighters, animal rights activists, unite! T-shirt designs with powerful messages will be seen everywhere during 2020, and the world will follow.

Brands are now becoming platforms to speak up for causes with uplifting and empowering messages on t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, and blazers. This strategy grabs the attention of potential buyers that want to join a cause and wear the garment and, if you want to get more involved, you can offer to donate a percentage of the purchases to a foundation or a human rights organization.

Make your designs available for the right people and start making the world a better place, one t-shirt at a time.

Get this look:

Welcome 2020 with These Trending T-Shirt Designs 3

Bring the Past to Life

The OMG, I’m so retro! hype is making a comeback for 2020 clothing trends. 

You don’t need to open a time capsule to bring the nostalgia back to life. In 2019 everything from fanny packs to chunky sneakers, scrunchies, and even bell-bottoms appeared on fashion shows. But this has an explanation, according to Sarah Byrd, a New York University and Fashion Institute of Technology historian, fashion trends are cyclical, so it’ll be no surprise if we see dresses with shoulder pads at parties.

Also, rusty 70s colors, patterns, and styling are a must-have for next season. Which are the best color to use when stepping into this style? Golden yellow, cherry red, orange, rosewood, teal blue, moss green and almost any shade of brown will work well.

That being said, you should take advantage of this trend to bring back the symbols, colors, and patterns that made a statement back in the day.

Get this look:

Welcome 2020 with These Trending T-Shirt Designs 5

Glow with a Highlighter Hue

Neon junkies, this is your time to shine! Eye-catching neon is one of the strongest color trends for 2020.

The cyberpunk, Blade Runner-inspired look is here to stay. Back in the 80s, ultra-bright colors were popular because it was a cheerful statement among younger people; today, we can find it from runways to red carpet events to everyday garments and athletic wear, of course.

A complete neon outfit is only for the bold, but if you want to incorporate this to a more wearable piece, try a black t-shirt design with a bright green or an intense pink that contrasts with darker colors. The great thing about neon colors? They look great on both light and dark fabrics.

Another way to use neon on fabrics is tye-dye, which is making a strong comeback. Oversized t-shirts will bring back those 60s memories that bring us back to Woodstock, though the original technique goes all the way back to ancient Japan and India.

Not sure on how to wear neon? You can pair it with denim, polka dots, stripes, or plaid for a complete 80s look.

Get this look:

Welcome 2020 with These Trending T-Shirt Designs 7

Wear Fun Stuff

Did you know cheerful people smile 40 to 50 times a day, but most of us only smile about 20 times? Let’s create fun t-shirts to make that number grow!

Witty t-shirts are a timeless go-to design, not only for their design but for what they can do to turn someone’s bad day into a smile. Also, the best thing about these designs is that you don’t have to put a lot of effort into creating it, you can use an online t-shirt design maker and write a funny expression.

Get this look:

Welcome 2020 with These Trending T-Shirt Designs 9

Be a Walking Inspiration

People are always looking for inspiration, therefore, quote t-shirts are always a great choice to share your thoughts and express your take on life.

You can get your favorite quotes printed on regular t-shirts or pieces of activewear. When running a marathon or going to the gym, it feels nice to exercise with a positive message that inspires yourself and others.

This will be a perfect gift for those who lack motivation, have a goal or are starting with a New Year’s resolution.

Get this look:

Welcome 2020 with These Trending T-Shirt Designs 11

Don’t know how to display your t-shirt designs on mockups? Here’s an easy guide on how to make a t-shirt mockup. I can’t point out enough how easy is to create a t-shirt design; it’ll only take a few minutes to give your t-shirt business an uplift, so start designing!

These t-shirt design ideas are just a few examples to boost your t-shirt selling business in 2020. Want to share some creativity with our community? Leave a reply!