T-shirt Design Trends to Lookout in 2019

T-shirt Design Trends to Lookout in 2019 1

We’ve made a selection of great trends to follow this year so you can sell more and earn more money from your store. Fashion trends change slightly every year and sometimes what’s fashionable this year the next one might not be so you need to watch out for what people want to wear. This being said let’s begin.

Animal Inspired Designs

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Always in trend with different variations, the animal inspired designs are easy to wear by everyone. Be it funny or cute animal lovers will be loving these.

Funny Texts

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This type of designs are very popular, if you add a touch of graphic design it can be an amazing seller. Appealing to both genders and they can be wear everyday, easy as that.

Particles and Dust Effects

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Now getting into more graphic stuff, these are a bit fancier but relaxed at the same time. A different style to wear but fashionable.

Oriental art

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The oriental art t-shirt designs are very expressive designs with detailed graphics and multiple colors. A different kind of design that stands out of the crowd.


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Finally the urban style is sought after many young and hip people. Complex designs and amazing colors make this type of t-shirts very appealing.

We hope we’ve got you inspired and 2019 will be a great year for your shop. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more inspiration.

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