How to Design Quality T-Shirts for an Event

How to Design Quality T-Shirts for an Event 1

Custom t-shirts are essential for family gatherings, casual events, non-profit organizations, and other group occasions. Finding a quality shirt for a good price can be difficult, and creating a design everyone will find appealing and wearable can be a daunting task. When working with professionals, designing custom t-shirts may seem expensive and difficult, but here are a few tips to smooth out the process and save some money.

Design Choices

The most important part of making a custom t-shirt is the design. Making something tasteful that gets the message across is essential if you want a successful shirt design that employees, family, or friends will want to wear. Create something innovative while keeping it wearable. You want to make something that people will want to wear even outside of the event.

When choosing graphics or wording, ensure important parts will not be obscured by the curves of the body. Keep wording concise if possible, and use a graphic that catches the eye. Consider sizing of all of the elements and ensure there are not too many elements that would make the shirt appear too busy. Ask yourself, “Would I wear it?”

Sizing and Colors

Another important aspect of the design is the color. Choose a color that the crowd will feel comfortable in. For instance, if staining may be an issue, don’t choose white. If it’s going to be worn outside in the summertime, black isn’t the best idea. Including the group in the decision about coloring is a great option, as it can help keep everyone happy with the decision.

Sizing is another potential issue. When ordering shirts, be sure to include both sides of the spectrum so that nobody is left out. Get a handful of extra smalls and a few of each of the plus sizes to ensure everyone gets a shirt that makes them feel comfortable. If possible, obtain sizes ahead of time to ensure everyone gets the size they need. If there are a lot of women in the group, consider buying women’s styles for a better fit.


There are a few ways to trim costs when buying custom t-shirts. One option is to limit the graphics on the shirts. Adding graphics to the back of shirts, getting the graphics in color, and using a large area for graphics can drive the price of custom shirts up astronomically. Limiting it to a simple graphic and text on the front center of the t-shirt can cut costs in half.

Again, consider obtaining needed sizes ahead of time and just buying a couple extra to remove wasted costs from buying too many shirts. If this isn’t an option, check out bulk sizing rates. Ordering in bulk saves money by driving the cost per shirt down. Also, consider that women’s shirts generally cost a little more than men’s. While this is only a couple dollars at most, buying solely men’s designs can save money in the big picture. This is a trade-off, but it can save money if it is a concern.

Where to Print

Ordering custom shirts online has trade-offs but can be worth it. Consider issues of quality and sizing when ordering t-shirts online. Does the company support reviews? What do the reviews say about the quality of the shirts? Does the company offer a sizing chart for their shirts? How does their sizing compare to average sizing? Make sure to take all of these things into consideration when purchasing custom shirts online.

Buying online can save a lot of money compared to t-shirt shops in person, but the decision has pros and cons. Brick and mortar shops have professionals that can help design shirts while online shops might not have that. For this reason, however, buying custom shirts on the internet is generally a cheaper option. It’s up to you as the coordinator for designing and having your shirts printed to weigh options and pick the custom printer that is the best fit for you and your group.

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  1. Dads Printing says:

    Great Job!!
    I really enjoyed to read your blog. Your ideas are wonderful to use custom t-shirts for any event and occasion. Give yourself a personalized person and change your dressing sense with printing custom t-shirts. it helps to look a professional and stylish. The t-shirt is always changed with new trends. People mostly like to print their text and names on their t-shirts because it suits everyone personality. Thanks for sharing your post and keep going on with your new ideas.

  2. Bree Ward says:

    I agree that it’s important to get a t-shirt design that gets the message across, My company is planning on distributing customized shirts for our annual charity cause. I will advise the design committed to makes sure that the design speaks for the concept of the whole event, and find a reliable custom t-shirt printing service.

  3. MerchMandu says:

    Hey Alex.

    Great tips on designing quality t shirts for events. Of course budget also plays an important role for the quality print.

    But one should always consider what types of printing methods he/she must use. That also gives you the best bang of your bucks.

  4. Thomas Jameson says:

    It’s good to know that you can trim the cost of custom shirts for your event by limiting the graphics that you choose to use. My wife wants to make custom shirts for a youth group that she works with, but she doesn’t want them to be too expensive. I’ll pass this information along to her so that she can get the shirts without breaking the bank.

  5. Ellie Davis says:

    I liked that you mentioned you need to consider the size and the color as part of the design when you are looking to print custom t-shirts for your event. My sister will have her high school reunion, and they are planning about how to make it unique. I believe that printing a couple of t-shirts for their event will make their reunion unique.

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