2021 Marketing Calendar for Your Online Store

2021 Marketing Calendar for Your Online Store 1

Plan ahead your marketing and product promotion campaigns in 2021 and your store will do much better. No matter if you have an Etsy shop or if you host your own website, good planning will help grow much faster.

Know your audience

Get to know your audience and what they care about most and try to connect the dots. For example, connect Wilderness Month and Bacon Day, because who doesn’t love bacon. in 2021 the International Bacon Day is the 4th. of September, what campaign would you do for your tribe?

Use this data to create campaigns that appeal to your audience or to attract a new one.

2021 Marketing Calendar

The calendar contains all the dates of events and celebrations, along with the weeks or months dedicated to certain events.

You can import it in your Google Calendar as well if you want by going to Other Calendars>>Import Calendars.

Download the calendar by using the form below.

Download the 2021 Marketing Calendar

How are you planning to use it?

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