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More downloads, more vector art, more t-shirt designs

This last week was pretty good for us, we released some amazing new products for our premium members (if you’re not a member you really should sign up). We have new vector packs, t-shirt designs and a membership update as well.

50% More Downloads

A lot of you have been asking and starting with 1st October all our members get 50% more downloads, that’s 75 downloads instead of 50 at no extra cost.

New vector packs

We’ve added 14 new vector packs. These include elements like animals, wedding, eco, and more.

Graphic and Text T-shirt Designs

And we keep the best for the end, we released some 14 new text t-shirt designs and and another 19 graphic designs, from 1311 to 1355.

Some of these are specially made for this Halloween so make sure you add these to your shop to make some $$$. A few examples bellow:

I hope you like these new additions to our library and these will help you build a better business. If you like them please share your opinion in the comments, also you can write us anytime at if you need help.

Stay close as we will have new things coming out this month, you’re gonna love it.


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