T-Shirt Design Trends for 2021

T-Shirt Design Trends for 2021 1

T-shirts are the ultimate canvas for displaying our artistic preferences, from minimalist-oriented plain t-shirts to color-spangled and animal-inspired artwork. Stick around as we’re about to shed light on some of the trendiest t-shirt designs for 2021.

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Typography on t-shirts has always been trendy, which is why prominent brands like Zara take pride in designing many of their t-shirt collections with typography.

Typography is the way to go if you want to put a certain message that you relate to on display. The message can be anything from comical to inspirational.

The awesome thing about typography is that you can do it all by yourself without the need to spend a lot of money on t-shirts. You can just buy plain t-shirts and print whatever text you want on it.

Since we’re talking about trendy designs for 2021, we recommend opting for retro fonts that resemble the 60s and 70s. To make things even more interesting, try opting for psychedelic colors.

typography t-shirt

Animal Portraits

The first thing you see when you log into your social media accounts is probably going to be a funny video of some animal being a complete goofball. Animals have become major influencers nowadays, which is why t-shirts that display animal portraits are extremely popular.

Whether you own a pet or are trying to design some merch for an animal rescue organization, this design idea is right up your alley, and there are plenty of animals in the wild, so your options are pretty much limitless.

Animal portraits t-shirt

Urban Style

Urban-style t-shirts have been gaining a lot of momentum as of late, especially among younger people looking for hip, complex designs accentuated with vibrant and lively colors.

Urban t-shirts strike an excellent balance between casual and hip. They also have to pick up on what’s happening in the world. This isn’t the average major trend, it’s more of a subculture style.

A lot of urban-style t-shirts tend to display images and texts that have to do with music such as rock and hip-hop as well as sports such as basketball and skateboarding.

Urban Style T-shirts


Off-register t-shirt designs are also gaining a lot of popularity. They’re basically blobs of colors and texts that aren’t aligned properly. This type of design is very resemblant of good old 60s pop art.

What we like about off-register designs the most is that they easily get the attention of everyone because they’re not the easiest to read, so you have to really look in order to decipher the text.

Like typography, you can use this style of design to display a certain message that you relate to, be it a bold statement, inspirational message, or just a funny, comical line from your favorite TV show.

T-Shirt Design Trends for 2021 5


Geographic t-shirt designs that display a certain area or city marked on the silhouette of the state or country they’re in are also becoming very trendy, especially the ones created for events or campaigns that are happening in a certain geographic area.

As an example, you can have the geographic area you’re trying to put on display be in a solid color of your preference or you can outline it and fill it with images or texts.

The design can be more complex, displaying a path that leads from point A to point B, with a few words here and there to add some sort of context (such as directions) to the design.

Geography T-shirt designs

Pocket Print

Pocket print designs are just as simple as they sound. They’re basically small designs or logos that resemble a pocket printed on the front of a t-shirt.

To make it more fun, you can design the pocket in such a way that displays a pet or anything of relevance peeking out of the pocket.

Pocket print t-shirt designs


These are some of the biggest t-shirt design trends in 2021 and we hope we have inspired you for what to create next.

We are always adding new designs to our t-shirt design library as fashion is constantly changing and evolving.