5 Amazing Free Woocommerce Plugins for Better Clothing Stores

5 Amazing Free Woocommerce Plugins for Better Clothing Stores 1

Selling clothing is a fierce industry to be in but it comes with great returns if you make it work. Your online shop should attract customers by offering a great line of products, an amazing design but also offers a good shopping experience.

Giving your customers the best potential web experience makes them come back and order more increasing your margins.

In the list below we have some free great plugins that will help your WooCommerce store stand out of the crowd by offering small but important features that help your customers.

Size Chart

Offering a size chart on your product page is a no brainer but you would be surprised of how many stores are missing this elementary feature. Customers want to know the sizing of your items and they should identify this quickly on your page.

The size chart also helps you get fewer returns by helping customers choose the right size on the first try.

size chart plugin


If you carry many items with a lot of versions you want to give customers the option to go quickly go through your items. They should filter the products by price, brand, colors, size, and so on. This helps your customers take a faster decision in finding and buying items from your store.

Big brands store offer multiple options, with a ton of flexibility when it comes to filters but don’t overdo it. Make it simple.
woocommerce filters

Variations Images

When you have multiple colors and variations of a product is good to show the customer exactly what she’s buying.

The Additional Variation Images Gallery for WooCommerce plugin helps you do that and more, displaying beautiful images offering a great visual cue to the customer.
variations images plugin

Flip Between 2 Images On The Category Page

Allow your shop visitors to view the different options of your products directly from the category page. This little usability trick lets your visitors have a glips of the product options when let’s say there is a design on the back a of t-shirt or different colors.

Here is where the TP Product Image Flipper comes in handy to help you achieve this awesome effect.

Flip between 2 images on product shop/category page.

Upsells and Product Recommendations

Selling more products in the same order is a must for increasing your average order value and margins. You have multiple ways of doing that, one of them is to recommend complementary products to what is the customer is currently purchasing.

The better the match, the higher the changes the customer will add to cart this product as well. The Leo Product Recommendations plugin does that and it’s easy to setup and test.
product recommendation plugin


There you have it, a list of amazing WooCommerce plugins to help your store grow by offering your customers an easy way around your store and products.

The goal is to create a store that is easy to shop from and offers the customer all the information it needs to make a buying decision quicker.